SNDP Yogam formed on 1903 May 15 th by the efforts of a group of people who worked hard for the upliftment of the socially backward classes.They were totally deprived of social justice and human rights.Though the SNDP Yogam was organized with the aim of progress and development of an ignored section in the society, it could go through many memorable and energetic fights which laid a milestone in the history of Kerala.

It is a notable thing to remember that the outraged disgust of Dr Palpu who had to suffer the cruel discrimination from the upward class people even he was a medical degree holder,culminated in the formation of SNDP Yogam under the grace of Sree Narayana Guru.He started his fight for social justice through the movements like Ezhva Memorial ,Malayalee Memorial etc.His co-working with Kumaranasan helped him to strengthen his ideas and missions.The integrated union of Sreenarayana Guru,Dr Palpu and Kumaranasan was a turning point in the socio-cultural,political history of Kerala.

The intention of changing the Vavoothu Yogam, which happened to to coordinated by the Sreenaraya Guru at Aruvipuram temple for the day to day coordination of the temple into a spontaneous organization,They planned to expand Yogam onto a wide spread.One and for this purpose a special session was summoned.In this Public session the critical decision to register yogam into to joint stock company was taken.So With the admirable support of the public the Aruvippuram Temple Yogam was registered as Aruvippuram Sreenrayan Dharma Paripalana Yogam in the 15 th May 1903.Sreenaraya Guru and Kumaransan decorated its positions as the President and General Secretary respectively.The formation of SNDP Yogam has created an awareness of the requirement of organization need among the back ward people in the Kerala society,The Inspiration of SNDP Yogam led to the formation of Sadhujajna Pariplana Yogam under the leader ship of Ayyangali for the pulaya community,followed by the formation of Pulaya Samudhaya Parishkarana Sabha,Valasevasamithi and Dheevara sabha in 1912,Yogashema sabha by Brahmins and Nair Service Society in 1914 for the Nair community.


In 1078 Dhanu 28 th The membership for the SNDP yogam was commenced ,with a share of Rs 100.Gurudevan him self traveled in Pallipuram,Perigottukara,Nattika,Paravur, Moothakunnam to join 90 members in a month

SNDP Yogam had its first Annual General Body meeting at Aruvipuram along with Sivaratri Festival on 1079 Makaram-30 and kumbham1.In the his speech Dr Palpu proclaimed that the mission of the Yogam is to make ezhavan men an educated,skilled and cultured population.He also urged for the women’s wing along with all AGM . under the president ship his mother. The AGM also desided to start Vivekodayam magazine and commenced on 1079 medam 31.

The empowerment of ezhavas in soceity by the efforts of SNDP Yogam has created some irritation in the upper community people and this led to a communal riot.The Divan Madhav Rao convened a meeting and the riots was stopped. All these activities led the government to issue an order permitting not only ezhavas but to all the backward classes to study in the schools.

Thus the efforts SNDP Yogam for 15 years has ensured education for all the backward classes.In 1920 SNDP Yogam decided to issue membership for all people not considering his caste and community, who has faith and belief in the Sreenarayana guru dharmam.

The 19th Annual General Body (AGM) of the SNDP Yogam powerfully demanded the right for the backward people to enter to the temple.Even though the Vaikam sathygram was not completely successful, the Congress and the SNDP could make an awareness in the minds of the people that they have the right to enter the temples.

The Ezhava Rashtriya Sabha was formed in the time of KM Keasavan to demand the representation of Ezhavas in the legislative council proportionate to the population.on
25 January 1933,the combined political meeting of the Christians,Muslims and Ezhavas Passed a “Nivarthan Nishchayam” that created a political storm for the right for the proportionate participation in the legislative council.In 1933 The special General Body meeting was convened to form a political committee.This political committee was headed by C.Kesavan as the Secreatry .C Kesavan is the prominent person who worked for the social justice in the society after Dr Palpu .C. Kesavan was arrested after delivering a speech demanding the dissolution of the Legislative council and for the fresh representation in accordance with the population.The Arrest C. Kesavan empowered the Nivarthana Struggle and the man in the jail become more powerful than the men outside. And finally, the demand for the proportionate representation to the legislative was accepted.It was this time that SNDP made an immature political decision. The political committee of SNDP Yogam decided to join State Congress with C.Kesavan., V.K.Velayudhan,K.Kesan ,Kannara Gopalpanicker as the representatives.This decision had an impact of loosing social integrity of the SNDPyogam in the future.


R.Sankar-Became the General Secretary of the yogam in December 1949.His great efforts targeting the empowerment of the community through education is a turning point in in the history of SNDP Yogam. The visionary R.Sankar realized that the education is the ultimate solution for the alround development of the community.His efforts became successful when SNDP establishes an Arts and Science college at Kollam in 1947 followed by another college for women in the same town.

For giving more attention and thrust to education ,R. Sankar Established S N Trust in 1952.The mission of SN Trust was to Establish More and more educational Institutions for higher education.The Empowerment of the people in the community through better and higher education became a reliaty by the efforts of R Sankar.R Sankar also established Sree Narayana Medical mission which lead to the establishment of Sankars Hospital.

In 1953 SNDP Yogam celebrated its Golden Jubily with a five week festival of activities including a grand All India Exhibition at Kollam.

This was followed by a period of organizational problems.It was a period of disintegration for the SNDP yogam. A number of lawsuits were filed in courts and this led to a short term administrative rule in SNDP.

In 1971 September 25 The General Body tendered by the administrators elected KT achuthan as President and Manguzhi Madhavan as General Secreatary. In 1973 N.Sreenisan was elected as the President and P S Velayudhan as the Secreatary. They took efforts to strengthen the activities of SNDP Yogamand extend the influence of the yogam into the Malabar area.

In 1979 SNDP Organised a massive Rally at Thiruvanthapuram demanding reservation to the PSU and Semi Government organizations.During this period a Pinnokka Samudhaya Federation(A Federation of Backward Communities) was formed along with 30 other organizations,This concept has been devoloped to form SRP (Socialist Republican Party) Even though SRP not been live long, It once had two MLA and from which one became minister.

SNDP Yogam celebrated Its platinum jubilee in 1978 December 1 to 1979 Januvary 2 .In the 75 th Annual Genereal Body meeting Prof: Velayudhan and AS Prathap Sing were elected as President and Secreaty of SNDP Yogam respectively.

In 1980 77 th Annual General Body has Announced SNDP Yogam Second AVAKASHAPRAKHYAPANAM – Proff Velayudhan was the man behind the formulation of 34 Demands by SNDP Yogam. IN 1981 MK Raghavan was elected as the President and K.Gopinathan as the General Secreatary.

In 1985 March MK Raghavan Elcted was elected as the President and AS Prathap Sing as Secreatary. In 1988 September in the 85 th Annual General Body Meeting AS Prathap Sing and KK Velayudhan became General Secreraty and President respectively.

In 1996 At Ernakulam AS Prathap sing became the president and Vellappllay Natesan who had already proved his efficiency as SN Trust Secreary became the General Secreatry of SNDP Yogam .After a long perid SNDPYogam began to establish its presense in the social cultural scenario of kerala society with the powerful and abundant leadership efforts of Mr. Vellappally Natesan. In this Power packed decade under the leader ship of VellppallyNatesan SNDP gained a lot of organization empowerment. After the period of R R.Sankar .SNDP shown it great presence and growth in this period by organising and establishing different events and establishments In 1998 The president of India R Venkita Raman Ingurated the platinum jubilee celebrations of “Vaikam Sathyagraham”

In Januavry 19 1999 Prime Minsiste AB Vajpay inagurated the celebrtaions. In 2000 Decemeber 30 annual General Body meeting reelected Vellappally Natesan as General Secreatary and Adv.C.K.Vidyasagar as President and MB Sreekumar As Dewaswam Secretary. On the 16 March 2001 SNDP Yogam organized a massive rally at Ernakulam to relelse the SNDP Yogam third “Avakasa Prakyapanam”

In 2003 At Aruvipuram SNDP yogam Began its centenary celbrations. The one year long celbration was inaugurated by the Prime Minister of India Sri.H.D.Devgowda , The centiinary clebrations were followed by the district level and union level functions and establishment of several activities all over kerala In 2003 Februvary 1 st SNDP Yogam conducted Malabar Sagamam.

As the Part of centenary celbrations a Global Sreenarayana Convention was held at Cochin on 2003 may 10.11.12 ingurated by Murali Manohar Joshi – Human resourses minister .Govt of India

The SNDP Yogam, under the leadership of Mr. Natesan celebrated Guru Varsha 150 as the 150 birth celbration of Sreenarayana Guru .The Congress president and U.P.A.Chiair person SoniaGandhi inagurated Guruvarsha 150 at Kollan on August 29 2004.

As part of Guruvarsham Celebrations Kerala witnessed a movment to empower people in society by “Sreenarayna Microfinance Instituion” – A dream concept of SNDP Yogam General Secreary to eradicate poverty among all community member .This movement is currenty becoming one of the largest microfinance establishment in India

In 2005 December 21 at Cherthala in the 101 Annual General Body meeting J.Kamalasanan was elected as the president and Vellappally natesan as the general secretary with an incredicbe winning margin. MB Sreekumar and Dr MN Soman were the Vice Preseident and Dewaswan Secretary

The efforts of MB Sreekumar as the Travancore Devaswam Board member was successful in implementing the reservation to the backward classes in the appointment to the Travancore Dewaswam board .

The General Body meeting helf on 23 June 2007 at SN College Auditorium Cherthala elected Dr.M.N.Soman as president of of SNDP Yogam without any opposition

SNDP Yogam is an organization which had natutured with the growth of the society under the vision of great leders. Its Influvance in the socio educational economical and cultural growth of the backward people in the kerala society is indeed remarkable. The yellow flag of SNDP Yogam will ever fly high to make a society more committed to social justice.

Vanitha Sangham 

From the beginning Guru had a dream of a state having all independent women. It doesn’t mean the independence from the male. But it really meant the independence of a woman as a person possessing all knowledge of her rights. During earlier days the women were denied knowledge and education.This was one of the main reasons for women suppression,which is still continuing in many places.Guru knows that providing education is the only way for their empowerment. He also wanted to make them free from superstitions as well.

That is why they started the ‘Sthree Samajam’. It was commenced on the first SNDP Yogam. It has helped in the national growth very much. It was at the 70th SNDP Yogam they decided to commence a ‘Vanitha Sangham’. One of the main objectives behind it was the development of their political party called Social Republican Party (SRP) which was started at the same time. The Vanitha Sangham enabled its members to be a person having a great knowledge of their social responsibilities. It created a co-operative mind among them. It helps the women in knowing better the requirements of their children, their personality development and to take more care in their education. It partially eliminated unemployment of women through providing training in sewing, gardening, farming etc.

SNDP Yogam Youth Movement 

This was created to help the SNDP Yogam in social reformation. Decision to commence a youth movement was taken at the 70th annual meeting of SNDP. The main aim behind this was to spread the activities of SNDP among the students. It made the words of Guru a reality and spread his thoughts all over. It motivated the youth to participate in social, art and cultural activities and to live with discipline. It showed them the value of ‘hard work’. It helped the Yogam in implementing the programs and decisions. They opened libraries which give predominant considerations to the writings of Guru.

Sree Narayana Dharmasena 

Sree Narayana Dharmasena is created to fight against the evils of the society. A total of 2768 units have already been set up already.

Sree Narayana Balajana Yogam 

SNDP has a Children’s wing called SNDP Balajana Yogam , Understanding the importance of the development of children .Balajana Yogam has basic aim of developing the in house talents of children.

Guru Sree Narayana Dharma Prachara Sabha 

Guru Sreenarayan Dharma Prachara Sabha has been established for Prachara the Sree Narayana Guru teaching and messages to common man as well as Create right personalities.

SNDP Employees Forum

SNDP had set up SNDP Employees Forum Is For The Empowerment Of Employees In Kerala . This Associate Is Now Becoming One Of Employees Organizations In Kerala